“Easing the pathway through separation.”

Established in 2015, Choice was set up to assist couples on their journey to separation. We understand what a challenging time it can be for all involved and we want to help make the process a little easier in any way we can.


Our support

We approach each case with a fresh outlook, ready to help both parties find a resolution that is acceptable to them as individuals. Our friendly yet professional stance is built upon 20 years’ experience in family law and our extensive knowledge is put to good use by helping couples communicate calmly in a neutral setting.


What we offer

Our goal is the same as yours; to reach the end of the separation process in a timely manner and with minimal stress. We endeavour to find the right solution to ensure the wellbeing of all involved.

Process Options

Mediation is the process that gives the couple the most power to make their own decisions

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Mediation, Information and Assessment

Separate meetings between each client and the mediator allowing for a more relaxed and open dialogue.

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Joint Meetings

A calm environment in which to discuss the range of issues that will need to be resolved.

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Child inclusive mediation

Children often feel that they need to protect their parents’ feelings, so communicating via a third party is often extremely helpful.

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Memorandum of understanding

A summary of the proposals that have been made during the process, covering issues such as property matters, finance arrangements and child arrangements

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Open financial summary

Financial information, including all assets, liabilities, income and expenditure is recorded in an OFS

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Why choose family mediation?

  • You must demonstrate that you have tried mediation before going down the court route
  • It enables you to separate and divorce without going through the entire court process, which is likely to be more stressful
  • Less expensive than the court process and other forms of dispute resolution
  • It could make the overall process a lot quicker
  • Helps you come to informed decisions about property and finance
  • Encourages you to discuss and decide how you will co-parent your children
  • Helps to reduce conflict and resolve your own issues in a neutral setting
  • Gives your children the chance to have their wishes considered
  • Allows you to begin to develop good communication with your partner after divorce


Just a selection of feedback from our satisfied customers.

“Hazel has a great knack of keeping the discussions positive and forward-looking, even during some potentially very difficult conversations. She skilfully manages to keep both parties feeling equally well-represented throughout mediation. The mediation process is more efficient, less acrimonious and ultimately a lot cheaper than going to court. I would thoroughly recommend Hazel’s services.”

"I found mediation a positive environment to discuss all aspects of our divorce in a confidential atmosphere. My ex-husband and I had found it difficult to reach an agreement and we just needed a third party who had no connection to us to help discuss the points we could not agree on. We found Hazel to be very professional and knowledgeable and our mediation has been successful in drawing up plans to progress our divorce. I would highly recommend mediation and discussing with third parties to reduce costs, but also to conduct your divorce in a grown-up manner and avoid the ping pong and stress of lawyer's letters. Give it a try!"

“I have referred a number of clients to Hazel. From a solicitor’s perspective, I have been pleased with how Hazel has guided the discussions towards a sensible solution, followed up by clear and comprehensive notes. Clients have reported feeling at ease in her company and able to address issues that they had been daunted by, which is so important.”


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