Working with other professionals

We believe that mediation is the key to as smooth a separation as you could hope for, but we also understand that it is only part of the process. We have extensive experience in the area of family law and over the years we have worked with many different professionals who are ready to help families with the various issues that arise when a couple decides to separate.


Going to court should be the last resort when you’ve tried everything else. Counsellors, family consultants and financial advisors can all be utilised to help couples through the challenges of separation or divorce. Employing a good solicitor to handle the legal side of proceedings is beneficial.

Family solicitors

Although mediators are impartial and cannot advise clients, most clients instruct a family solicitor to provide them with legal advice. All session notes and any other documentation from mediation can be shown to your solicitor. Occasionally, clients might decide to bring their solicitors into mediation.

Independent Financial Advisors (IFA)

An IFA can provide impartial financial advice to both clients and may attend mediation sessions if both clients agree. As financial matters can be stressful for both parties, who will understandably be concerned about being able to fund separate lives in the future, an IFA could make all the difference with their unbiased view and extensive knowledge enabling the right decisions to be made for all involved.


The end of a relationship is a period of grief and it can be hard to put aside the emotions when making practical decisions about the future. Seeking support from a Counsellor for yourself can make attending mediation easier. Some couples benefit from meeting jointly with a counsellor to have discussions about the ending of the relationship and the emotional impact before moving into mediation.


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