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Mediation is the process that gives the couple the most power to make their own decisions, with the help of a third party to keep things on track and ensure everything is done fairly.


Mediation process diagram

Although we believe mediation is the best route to achieving the most amicable separation possible, there are several other options you could take to navigate your way to divorce or separation.

These options include DIY, collaborative practice, arbitration or court. Negotiating between yourselves without the need for a third party will only be possible if you are on very good terms with your ex-partner as disputes often arise along the way. Opting to instruct a collaborative practitioner usually results in financial, relationship or other professionals being brought in during negotiations to help reach an agreement. 

The arbitration route would involve instructing a lawyer and any disputes would be resolved by an impartial adjudicator, meaning you would have no say in the final decisions. The last option is going down the court route, which can be costly and time-consuming and will end with the judge making the decisions about your family’s futures. This should be a last resort if you simply cannot agree any other way.


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