Joint Meetings

If it is decided that mediation is appropriate and the right route for both clients, further meetings are held jointly, with both parties and Hazel in attendance.


These meetings are 90 minutes in duration and provide a calm environment in which to discuss the range of issues that will need to be resolved.

Hazel will allow both parties to have their say and will manage any anger and frustration by directing the discussions back to the core issue and factual information rather than focusing on emotional responses. Meeting with your ex partner will be a challenging experience, but try to keep in mind that it will be the most effective way to make the decisions necessary to progress your separation.

Very occasionally if particularly difficult issues arise, it may be helpful to use shuttle mediation, with clients in different rooms and the mediator shuttling between them. Whilst we hope this will not be necessary, the option is there if needed and Hazel is fully trained to deal with this scenario.

Please note that all meetings are currently taking place online in accordance with government guidelines. When the restrictions allow, meetings can resume in a face-to-face setting if you feel comfortable with this. Being in the same room is preferable as it allows communication to flow more naturally, but client and staff safety is our priority.


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