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"I found mediation a positive environment to discuss all aspects of our divorce in a confidential atmosphere. My ex-husband and I had found it difficult to reach an agreement and we just needed a third party who had no connection to us to help discuss the points we could not agree on. We found Hazel to be very professional and knowledgeable and our mediation has been successful in drawing up plans to progress our divorce. I would highly recommend mediation and discussing with third parties to reduce costs, but also to conduct your divorce in a grown-up manner and avoid the ping pong and stress of lawyer's letters. Give it a try!"

“I have referred a number of clients to Hazel. From a solicitor’s perspective, I have been pleased with how Hazel has guided the discussions towards a sensible solution, followed up by clear and comprehensive notes. Clients have reported feeling at ease in her company and able to address issues that they had been daunted by, which is so important.”

“Hazel has a great knack of keeping the discussions positive and forward-looking, even during some potentially very difficult conversations. She skilfully manages to keep both parties feeling equally well-represented throughout mediation. The mediation process is more efficient, less acrimonious and ultimately a lot cheaper than going to court. I would thoroughly recommend Hazel’s services.”


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