Armed forces pensions

Armed forces pensions are a specialist area due to the unusual structure of the pension schemes available and the benefits each scheme provides. Hazel has extensive experience in this area and brings a great deal of knowledge to mediation cases where an armed forces pension is in the mix.


Military pensions are very different to many other types of pension, which can make them more complicated to divide in divorce cases. Careful considerations need to be made as to how to deal with them as there are several different paths that can be taken to decide how to utilise them in the best way.

Various factors will make a difference, such as what point in their service the pension holder is at or if they’ve already left, whether a lump sum can be paid out at different times and what the overall value of the pension is.

Hazel is a solicitor who specialises in dealing with armed forces pensions on divorce and can help you in the mediation process with understanding the pension schemes and how they can be treated upon divorce.


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