Open Financial Summary (OFS)

Complete and accurate financial disclosure is required for clients to be able to make financial arrangements for their futures.


At the end of mediation, this financial information, including all assets, liabilities, income and expenditure is recorded in an OFS, which is based on fact and supported with documentary evidence.

The OFS is used to support the drafting of a Consent Order, which records the financial agreement and breaks financial ties between a couple. Getting a divorce may end your relationship, but it does not finalise the financial side; you will need a Consent Order to do that.

A Consent Order is a legally binding document which details how your joint assets are to be divided. It will cover money, property, investments, pensions, savings and may also include details of any spousal maintenance or child maintenance payments.

As a trained solicitor, Hazel can explain this to you in more detail or you can ask your own solicitor for more information and instruct them to handle this on your behalf.


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